Social and Environmental consultancy for sustainable management of investment projects

Stages of our work

Initiation phase

Our services start advising our potential clients, from planning of projects, proposing development alternatives to their needs. Advice that goes along with our professional team with proven experience that ensures proper conduct of the project.

DOMUS works
 seeking balance between development activities and care of the environment, ensuring customer satisfaction, exceeding their expectations.

Initiation phase

Implementation phase

DOMUS offers customized work to our clients, with the aim of providing quality service with qualified professionals with extensive experience in the services we provide.

Projects are executed on schedule in coordination with the clients, since we have a production sequence stipulated in the procedures of the Integrated Management System (IMS) of DOMUS. This allows us to develop field and office operations safely, both for our employees and the environment. Furthermore, DOMUS keeps track and monitors the progress of the activities continuously.

Implementation phase

Follow-up phase

DOMUS provides advising and follow-up of commitments made by our clients, who also counts on us to support them in managing crisis caused by political or socio-environmental issues, providing them technical assistance for the process of information with stakeholders and media communication.

By policy, DOMUS does not ignore the already implemented projects and takes a proactive role in safeguarding the interests of our clients and its own corporate image.

Furthermore, DOMUS maintains records of the implemented projects thus enabling our clients to have a backup information, even though the service has been completed.

Follow-up phase

Integrated Management System Certifications

Clients who support our services

Clients who rely on our services

Our workplace

6010 Paseo de la República Av. 5th Floor Reducto Business Center Building, Miraflores, Lima 18.

Phone: (+ 511) 241.6876 / 242.0687


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