Detailed environmental impact assessment (d-EIA)

According to the Article 2 of the Law 27446 of the National System of Environmental Impact Assessment and Regulation approved by Supreme Decree No. 019-2009-MINAM; “…Projects of public, private or mixed capital investment proposed by natural or legal persons, public or private law, domestic or foreign; comprising works, constructions and extractive, productive, commercial and service activities, among others; which are likely to cause significant environmental impacts of a negative nature…” must submit and achieve approval of a d-EIA to the competent environmental authority.

Detailed environmental impact assessment (d-EIA)

EIA Drilling wells and three dimensional (3D) Seismic survey - Block 76

DOMUS conducted the EIA for Exploratory Drilling of 8 Wells and three dimensional (3D) Seismic Acquisition Program at the request of Hunt Oil Exploration and Production Company of Peru LLC, Branch of Peru. The lot is located within the provinces of Manu and Tambopata, Department of “Madre de Dios” and “Quispicanchi” and “Paucartambo” in Cusco and “Carabaya” in the department of Puno. The Project objective is to confirm the presence, estimate the volume, verify quality and other characteristics of potential reservoirs for hydrocarbons in deeper structures previously identified with the interpretation of 2D seismic. The study was approved by R. D. No. 233-2013-MEM / EPA dated August 15, 2013.

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