Ecological flow studies

Calculation of ecological flow is based on the determination of minimum water volume required to flow in a natural course of continental water to protect and conserve the ecosystems and ecological values involved in the channel, such as the habitability, dissolution functions of its natural water course and riverside landscape maintenance. DOMUS calculates the value of Ecological Flows applying hydrological, hydraulic and hydro-biological methods. The Law of Water Resources in Chapter VIII, Title V, Article 156, states the following: "It shall be understood as ecological flow to the volume of water that must be maintained in natural sources of water for the protection or conservation of the ecosystems involved, landscape aesthetics and other aspects of scientific or cultural interest." It is important to mention that the professional team of DOMUS develops personalized reports about the writing and deadlines and before delivering the final document it is reviewed in detail to verify its quality.

Ecological flow studies

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