Terms of reference

The terms of reference are guidelines for the preparation of environmental impact studies, stipulated according to the category to which they belong (I, II or III). The sectoral competent authorities have guidelines that specify the terms of reference for environmental impact studies of the sector, in the case of the absence of the terms of reference; the authorities used the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Environment (DS No. 019-2009- MINAM). For the particular case of the energy sector (electricity and hydrocarbons) the terms of reference for an EIA, is a document that contains a description of the activity for which the EIA is made, the methodology to be employed and work plan for the development the EIA, it must be approved by the Department of Energy Environmental Affairs (DGAAE) before preparing the EIA. The preparation of Terms of Reference provided by DOMUS, for the energy sector is part of the service of the development of an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Terms of reference

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