Our organization structure

Dr. Julio Alegre Orihuela

  • Doctor in soil science

  • Agronomy Engineer - CIP 16652

Julio has a Master and PhD in Soil Science Soil, Management and conservation of soil and water from UNALM (National Agricultural University La Molina). He has over 30 years of professional experience with 23 years in environmental consulting. Dr. Julio has experience as a project leader, teacher researcher in national and foreign institutions. He also work developing baseline, environmental management plans, environmental assessment services contingency plans, abandonment and re-vegetation plans.

Dr. Carlos Reynel Rodríguez

  • Doctor in Plant Biology

  • Forest engineer - CIP 33754

Carlos has a Ph.D. in Plant Biology with Tropical orientation Systematics and Ecology and a Master in Plant Biology all from the University of Missouri; He is a Forest Engineer from the UNALM (National Agricultural University La Molina).Dr. Carlos has 26 years of experience as consultant and very high level of academic preparation in the following areas: Forest Management, Conservation, Forest Botany and environmental issues. He is an expert in taxonomy, conservation and propagation of Neotropical woody species. Dr. Carlos is currently Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Graduate School at the UNALM, and He is a research Associate at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Dr. Wilmer Carbajal Villalta

  • Doctor in Oceanography

  • Fishery biologist - CBP 946

Wilmer holds a Ph.D. in Oceanography from the University of Concepcion in Chile and a Master Science with a major in oceanography; He is a Fishery Biologist from the UNT (Trujillo National University).Dr. Wilmer has more than 15 years of experience participating in numerous environmental impact studies, environmental assessments, management plans and abandonment plans.

Dr. Carmen Infante

  • Doctor in Sciences and ecology

Carmen has a PhD. in Sciences and Ecology and a bachelor degree in Biology all from the UCV (Central University of Venezuela). She has 25 years of experience in teaching and research, with 20 years in the area of hydrocarbons. Dr. Carmen provide Environmental Consultant in the area impacted by oil recovery, waste management, bioremediation cuttings, tank bottoms, contaminated soils with TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon) , environmental remediation liabilities, oiling waste management, spill control, reused and recycling of solid waste areas among others. Since 2003 she is professor at the Central University of Venezuela, Simon Bolívar University. Dr. Carmen has published scientific papers. She also has participated in oiling waste management and spill control in Peru, Colombia and Venezuela.

Dr. Juan Diez

  • Doctor in Science

Juan has a Ph.D. in Sciences at the University of Valladolid with an Outstanding "Cum Laude"; Forest Engineer from the University of Lerida; he obtained a Forest Engineer Special Award in 1996 currently is a full time professor and he is part of Hydraulics and Hydrology Group of the School of Agricultural Engineering of the University of Valladolid (UVA). Dr. Juan is the leading international ecological flow consultant in Europe and Latin America, he has developed multiple researches and publications of several scientific articles, monographs, books with extensive participation in projects research; Dr. Juan has also provided training in various courses offered and consultancies on environmental flow issues.

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